Visions of Self-Assembling Nano | Micro Metallo-Ionic-Meta Material Creatures. (Updating)

 * something along those lines. I had lost track of the topic article threads and contexts, somehow, somewhere back, along the way.  The gist is, in a sense, that tacky crumbs and knickknacks, given some nuclear and energetic | electromagnetic, and metallo-based (or similar) serendipity, in scrum evolutionary development - become life-animated, of a creature sort that - “could be,” perhaps would, yet give, the vast expanse and chance nature of the occurrences, these sorts of creations are scarcely visible to the eye; in fact, they are averse to coming in to animated life, I would somewhat suppose, on account of a dark and parasitical nature, perhaps, that their existence would pre-suppose, given that they would need to have had a very specific sort of energy cling and gravity towards them, in order for the pieces to have had aligned, and intelligence and discovery of continuing resources would perhaps develop forth, from the basis of ionization and inductive capacitance, of sorts, and

The challenge of the birds of Santa Monica Beach.

There are some small claims as to how this flock became established in such large numbers, it seemed to happen somewhat of a seamless nature, as rehomed flocks do sometimes demonstrate, in collectively choosing a new hang out spot, for the day - it becomes the flock’s new standard. That being the case, it’s been noted to be somewhat problematic, for that the birds are concentrated here, with no general purpose happening, except that they’re being fed.  A mix of seagulls and some pigeons, at a nook in the road on the Santa Monica Boardwalk. Up on the hill, nearby, hundreds of pigeons surround their regular feeder and caretaker. I had come out here to try out my dinosaur costume-wearing, bird feeding concept. It was at this point that I came to discover that the birds here seem to perhaps be taken care of, on a regular basis, potentially.  The regular bird feeder, of this area (Santa Monica Boardwalk, CA, USA) seen distributing large kibble pellets out of a 50 pound bag of bird food. I’v

The pandemic-ready super-nutrients diet - powdered juices and extracts. (Product Review)

For many of us, and for more, to come,  the premise of including superfoods as the sort of dietary inclusions du jour  comes about - at times, it feels sustainable, and, as for myself, having done some stints in exclusive or inclusive diets, as well as meal preparations - I’ve tried pescatarian diets, dating back to my university days, when, as well; I’d had some influences of vegetarianism come my way, which I tried out, a bit - having been brought up, in my childhood, as a fairly standard fare sort of meals type of home life, I found it challenging to completely forgo meat, for example, and I find it, currently, and, in hindsight, to be fairly correlative to the notion of that drug use is otherwise involved, and it’s somewhat a fad thing to do, to give up meat, rather than that it’s a particularly long-standing beneficial thing. In spite of that, I had tried out vegan meals, as well, and there is some notion of a fine artisan craft potential about that dietary subject - I’ve found th

Baby steps in directed intelligent design - the arachnid offspring of would-be ticks and parasitess

Given that I sometimes delve into (intervene in) the development and progression of tick and related parasitic arachnids in their breeding cycles, based on first-hand experience in visually altering the progeny of local pigeons, as proof of my theory,  I venture to guess that these are some of the interesting offspring of what would otherwise have become some sort of standard tick or similar parasitic arachnid. Discovered: Thursday, July 28th, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - a Hermit Crab arachnid. Is it poisonous, I wonder? I don’t have much grounding as a collector, and I don’t quite agree with the idea of capturing rare or novel species, subsequent to a season of having nurtured the local ecology and soils with ionic minerals - given how rough life would be, with scant watering orders put in place, on top of hints at climate change, for the hotter, and since this is the summertime, I would look at some of the visually apparent biological markers of this critter - an arachnid, that it is, and appa

Product Review: Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. ( - Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (Licorice Extract).

What an amazing product! Following upon a recent fascination I had, with licorice - at first, as a fragrance ingredient, and, subsequently, for its potential as a medicinal product - I’ve landed a successful Alibaba  transaction with a trusted seller and manufacturer, located in mainland China - Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. Their products are quite well made; the company is ISO 9001:2000 quality system certified, as well as ISO 14000 environmental system certified. The product I purchased from Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. was dipotassium glycyrrhizinate - a somewhat unknown material to try, and I fail in finding much academic or medical literature on licorice and extracted products derived from licorice, from online sources. Fragrance ingredient suppliers seem to have largely turned to leafy (or seed-sourced) “licorice” essences, or fragrance molecules, such as star anise, fennel, and fenugreek - these alternatives are fairly suitable, fragrance-wise, but my curiousity was piqued, stil

In search of a great caffeinated product - discovering Chinese jasmine pearl tea. (Product Review) (updating)

These days,  there is a lot of news article chatter, going about, as to that supply chains are being thwarted. One of the suspect industries is the energy drink industry; I give it a broad swath of inclusion that includes coffee, as well as tea. Being that I was brought up going to Dim Sum, which is a Cantonese | Chinese tradition.

Small gardening services and specialties offered in South Los Angeles, or beyond (Web ad, Spring 2022)

All power tools are electronic and battery powered, in compliance with new laws in Los Angeles. If the job you’re interested in doing is a large job, I can possibly arrange to offer you an Augmented Reality on-device real-time 3-dimensional preview of a finished product, to demonstrate what can be done in your yard. Lead time for some of these jobs is perhaps one week. Some projects require an initial consultation, where I would take a look at the job, perhaps take some LiDAR scans of the area to be worked on, and I would become familiarized with your project work space, and I can add AR objects on top of things, to plan out the roadmap for your garden. I’m generally available on most given days, or we can see what works out, on your schedule. If you’re interested in exotic, heirloom, or organic seeds, to start off your garden - now would be a great time for that, but there will be some waiting time, depending on where the seeds are sourced. In some cases, I may not have the tools on h

Some notes on potential workflow and implementation hazards in a nuclear watershed.

 Fractionated compounds are generally stabilized, in place, from my beginner’s perspective on the topic, since they have ceased being actively in motion, admixture, or flux, yet with fragrance compounds, there is additional uncertainty inherent in working with these subject materials, since they characteristically have volatile aromatic components to them, with varying vapor pressures. I’d experienced, recently, amidst a workspace that has seen frequent foreign agent disturbances and chaotic circumstances, perhaps, of unbeknownst (to me) pilfering and playing around with, of a subject material (a chemical, or chemistry project), and the material ends up spilling out, being knocked over, on its side, or down to the floor, or it becomes haphazardly disregarded, amidst a disorganized workspace, and it becomes part of the mess, crumbs, and spills that have seeped in to the carpet, for example.  A nuclear watershed, in and of itself - an obscure subject, and existences, thereof, being of so

Some musings on a creation of Methyl Vanillyl Ecgonine, thoughts and experiences, after practical use scenarios ensue.

Happening upon such a strangely novel and unexpected transformation of a pound of vanilla beans (Vanilla tahitiensis) in a tincture of perfumer’s alcohol, I’d determined that people find the discovery to be a significant draw, of that they’d like to do the project alone; that is, the creation of the aroma compound methyl vanillyl ecgonidine. A little-known recipe of lore, which I’d happened upon, in perfumery recipes, of a made-from-scratch ethic, is that the spitting-image aroma of crack cocaine resin, in a pipe, can be manufactured directly, and fairly simply - using vanilla beans as the starting ingredient. Difficulty: moderate. Requires vigorous daily (more or less) shaking of a fairly large (1 liter) canning jar filled with 1 lb. of vanilla beans and solvent. Risk of fire, explosion of the canning jar, or ruining of the product (via too much pyrolysis) if the instructions regarding the amount of lye (last step in the recipe) are disregarded. There is a fairly high cost for the ing

Open Call for a Classic American Identity Assignment.

  An adventuresome opportunity for a homesteading act and act(or|ess).  In America, we have various notable cultural figures, of our nation’s founding, whom establish our fundamental values, ignite our imaginations in the stories and folklore of our youth in public schools, and they hold fast, as intrinsic imprints upon our nurturing environment and developing mind. Despite technological advances, these figures hold steadfast in our national traditions - they lived the American Dream to a bold and new extent - flexing our country’s spirit of the freedom to be who we choose to be. We hold these values near to our hearts as formative traits of who we could, or might be.  This persona and lifestyle assignment is for a suitable candidate of upright composure and proper etiquette in personal representation and professional attitudes. A spirit for entrepreneurialism, for the challenge of facing constant failure in observing quick and sustainable gains - for the sake of going against the grai