A static nursery of iPadOS | iOS | macOS [audioKit] “iSweep” (app) novel, notable, or amusing audio frequency sweeps [Reviews; Updating].


a true gem on the Apple macOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms (although, sorry; it’s no longer available on the App Store for mobile devices); 

is park of Apple Developer site’s AudioKit (my apologies again: I can’t seem to discover the download link, but I do believe I had procured the macOS version, and that it is | was available on the Apple Developer downloads section; available to anyone - although possibly simply hosted on GitHub).

The app is a simple interface of just a few parameters of user variables, in terms of a starting frequency, an ending frequency, and a frequency-range sweep timescale of the user’s discretion; ostensibly of the range amassable in CPU bit-rate quantization capability of the device that is being used; at this point in time, speeds up to just over 210,000 Hz, or so, are capably produced on the app, of the Hz (hertz: cycles per second) frequency sweep range. All of the user-selectable options are Hz input values. There’s an on/off switch, a “reverse” calculation | playback switch, and a switch for determining the iSweep’s calculation read time; either linearly, or logarithmically. There’s one more option available: determining whether the sweep is performed as a one-shot (single) sweep, or if the sweep is to loop continuously. [note: playing a looping frequency within human or environmental detriment, for an unacceptable amount of time, is a regulated and taxable industry, give, that some frequencies that can be capably generated are noxious and distasteful, or detrimental, in various capacities). The iPadOS version of iSweep typically shuts off, after a determined unattended playback of a looping sweep, and background task sweeps are not allowed (only foreground app usage and playback). There are also left-and-right stereo (directional) volume sliders in the app. 

For those of the readership who have gotten the app, and have it installed; I’m sure that such a crowd is quite fond of the intrigue of the app’s features and performance of the frequency range sweeps; both in an aural and visceral sensory experience - the sweeps that are created, and the investigatory and experimental novelties, massive undertakings of potentialities, and enjoyable discoveries that merit establishing a nursery of fundamentally important frequencies, establishing universal aural and sympathetic resonance communicatory tables, for determining greater enharmonicity and octal appreciabilities upon classical and mathematically austere calculatory fractions. 

The aural hearing range, and the resonance worth of the playback and portrayal of the iSweep frequency range, is well-established in this program, for the fact that it allows for investigatory studies in to sub-aural, post-aural, microtonal, and fractional sensory experience, resonance, and broadcast design.

This collection is a novel, concurrency, chancery, hypothetical, or contextual “nursery” of frequency range “babies” of what is described in the annotations along with each discovery and documentation of the frequency range iSweep dynamic, and concurrency of the organic meanings which are ostensibly wrought out of the experience of the iSweep, itself. 

December 4th, 2021.

The month had come and gone with no big iSweep updates, although what had been construed or thought up was pretty substantial, leading up to this month’s pause in developments on here. I picked out 5is evening’s stats, not particularly for much of a viable reason, so it’s fairly similar to things that had come up previously. This particular set of numbers goes well with the idling of a powerful vehicle engine’s idling, or the passing over of a moderately standard metropolitan city’s helicopter flyover. It’s interesting to blend in the polyrhythmic thumping resonance of the iSweep with the Doppler effect as the helicopter flies over, as this particular degree of decimal places, and the numerics - fashioned upon valid organic stats hit counts, somewhat liberally applied, to make use of what’s available here, given some extents of slight reasoning, and then, I made an estimation as to what would constitute the final rate, as a multiple of process-fulfillment, taken from electronics, since the other two rates were relevant to the speed of DDR2 RAM 🐏  chips, from back in the day (2006, or so, as far as the timing in which I stepped 8n to doing gig work 8n the computers and tech section on craigslist, for clients, and this was the RAM of the day, to a large degree, of computers and laptops that I’d come across). 

November 03rd, 2021.

An ethereal and glistening sparkle swirly spiraling divertimento upon some structured technical common fare, of a musician’s numericals-sort, yet also playing upon the Fibonacci numbers, intriguingly enough. 

October 22nd, 2021.

Here’s a particularly exciting iSweep that I had chanced upon, in playing around with the [+e03] (+e0x) - I’m not quite sure what the expression means, but I suppose that it’s perhaps an exponential base numerical multiple, or function upon simple single-digit and decimal-place numbers, as far as the sweep’s top and bottom, and the speed can have one, as well, in order to produce the infinite sweep, at least of some subset of discovery of happenstance numbers, etc. This one appears to have anti-stroke or inter-cranial inflammation action, of a remote millinery sort of targeting basis. Perhaps this degree of iSweep calculation is tough, for a lesser machine (I use a 2020 iPad Pro 11 inch 256 GB Hard Drive). This iPad Pro seems to perform more resolutely, on these iSweeps, as the benchmark. This one’s a bit slinky and sensual, but it picks out the nasties within a person’s cranium swelling and for staying up for too long, etc. 

October 10th, 2021.

Oh, man… can your iPad Pro calculate and keep up on this iSweep? This one has linear in-situ control over the frequency sweep, with one setting keeping the sweep at bay, (drone), and the other controls re-initiating the sweep, with a very long arc of the sweep going on, here.

October 6th, 2021

I came up with a bit of a calculation and imaginative elaboration upon my previous night’s iSweep discovery. I had happened upon several moments, of checking the stats on my blog’s hits counts, and the numbers reliably (or, surprisingly), showed through with novel and “figurable,” I’ll say - sorts of logic and structure, or serialism and sequence about them, of some seemingly familiar theme, or new and novel configuration, that it may have been, otherwise. In today’s rendering, I’m trying to build upon the most primary elements of squares and roots, (fixie: cubes) at numerically simple starting points, of a determined “try,” at least to have the combination and development of the numbers play off of the theme of squares and roots, given the constraint of the primary-“ness” trait, and of simplicity, and some sequence and serialism, in form, or, at times, simply because of placement in the numerical input forms of the user interface. This one ends up being very lengthy and drawn out, in a slowly developing aural scape of perceived drones, sweeps, and “courses,” which would be the proper term for doubled strings, on a stringed instrument, for example. 

October 5th, 2021

Check out this iSweep! It’s hard core, like a huge machine taking off and revving up, then cooling down, of the compression that builds up, of the arc of the sweep. It’s a limited-scope infinite style iSweep.

September 22nd, 2021

An ethereal and cosmic-somewhat ringing infinite iSweep.

September 21st, 2021

This moment in analytics has a deep heart-throbbing affect about it, in one setting, and a relentless polyrhythmic dynamic pulsing setting, in another. Aside from that, there’s some ringing fuzz, etc. Somewhat similar stuff to what had been going on, in recent iSweeps.

Later on: ooo! I found an infinite!

This iSweep is finally getting in to the memorable vintage novelty interests and fancies of numerology that I had with my first iPad, since becoming rehoused, after the thefts of my iOS devices, while in was out on the streets, back in 2018. This sort of sweep is colloquially known as an infinite.

July 27th, 2021

Things got hot and heavy, in the resonance spheres, back at the group home, and, over a shitless36, the iSweeps got better fwopper, it almost big didn’t fit, butt shittle resérve, pop splotchwatch cultural post TV era life splotch stop, then an iSweep to check on how it’s all coming together, of a numerological concurrency, ostensibly, it would be of on approval ratings that would make you a Don Knotts, himself; switching from a round to an oval-esque “new one,” until something better comes up, as for the toilet bowl (reminder to self: get some Drano from the store). The mood is tense, the whole house is shaking, (maybe), and this foot knippin’ jig, but the tense - is so in need of explaining, before they start pounding on the door, for a huge, huge, huge. Big ass ass beat down, for what’s been going on.

July 26th, 2021

I feel like I’m finally rediscovering the numbers involved with pulling off an “infinite” iSweep. This one is an exciting, yet slowly-evolving band pass-sweep sort of polyrhythm. 

May 20th, 2021

I had just come across this interesting and throbbing numbers dynamic. It’s in the same vein as some of my former iSweeps, but it’s still a bit unique. I’m staying around this sort of numbers dynamic, because I’m searching to rediscover the “infinite” sweeps low cut and polyphonal-rhythmic character, in the mid-range. 

March 26th, 2021

It’s been a hard long haul past week, and I’m somewhat set on living down a new(-ish) sort of lifestyle, and blogging will homestead the trek there, and along the way, in establishing a record of the intelligence graced upon me along the way. I’ll update on ipigeon.institute shortly. Here’s my resonance experiment for the moment - it’s a long haul aphorism, given my crypto trading activities, in reference to my past week’s lifestyle experience of a similarly long haul; in this case, ZIP code-wise, 17017 is in Dalmatia, Pennsylvania, whereas 90001 is the area in which I currently reside,- several miles due south of (current) South Los Angeles proper, which is the USC area, although, for the record, south Los Angeles, historically, of my upbringing, is an expanse of land encompassing the many several square miles of urban and suburban expanse, short of the South Bay Area and due east, a bit, where the cities have more historic presence, given their appropriation and partiment formations, of a more austere standing. 

Update: February 27th, 2021.

A dour set of frequency variables, of an electrifying nature. None whatsoever booming and thumping like recent iSweeps had characteristically been.

12:45 p.m. February 27th, 2021.

As I’m digging back in my records, I found an embedded crypto-code in my affiliate link, for my CryptoTab Browser, for distribution through my social media and publishing sites: I found these embedded secrets in this URL: Landing ID: 65
March 23rd is my birthday, and I feel like, perhaps, a chance of fate, in Numerology hash | User ID compose, or compute, had made this affiliate link out somewhat with a nod to my user data metrics. Try out these numbers within iSweep, with perhaps some decimal places in consideration. You might have to completely stop and swipe out (quit) the app, between uses, or to establish a new tonal analysis set. These are some great numbers, though. 

Update: 4:01 p.m. February 27, 2021

These iSweeps are particularly subdued, "sneaky," in a sense, in how there's a ghost Melody or arpeggiated harmonicity, or "melisma," as it would appropriately be termed, in musical nomenclature. 

"Melismatic" Melody lines are characterized by winding and flowing arcs and beams of notes, strung together, so to speak (as a violin could carry a Melody, for example). 

With these numbers procured, for me, in development, I’m hoping to rediscover the self-termed “infinite” iSweeps, which I’d formerly achieved on an iPad Air 2 with an A8X 3-core processor, running at 1.5 GHz. I figure that the make and model of the machine’s processing cores and bus throughput “matter” in delivering these iSweeps, of a high rate of sweep, given that the portrayal of the sweep, and its intricacies, drones, idles, tonality, and harmonized whistling “ghost” melodic lines - all happen according to the clock speed of the CPU - these are tonal creations bordering on palpable, by all means. The “infinite” sweeps are simply concurrency-moments’ ingenuity of Numerological development and insight. It’s somewhat formulaic, partially serialism, and encoding, of noted previous patterns, and some inject-notions of novelty about the numbers, and the subjectivity of intent, rather than design, over the discovery of the mysterious formulas. 

Then I went on Twitter and did some bwopp dick art.


Update: Thursday, February 11th, 2020

My blog stats over on ipigeon.institute had grown in to the lesser 90,000’s numbers, and I found a great moment to commemorate, for another take on a new iSweep aesthetic. This one is hard-hitting and impetuous.

Update: Tuesday, December 15th, 2020.

This pair of iSweeps I happened upon are much like the prior two, in most ways, except that this version feels much more nervously tensile, more stable, and solid; however, as I held the iPad Pro to observe the experience of the iSweeps. 

Update: Thursday, December 10th, 2020.

The day, for Blogger, ends around 4:30 p.m., and in my native time zone, Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.). So a new day of hit count stats begins, and sometimes, during various parts of the day, or night, (or morning), I check on the blog’s hit counts to see how things are going. Sometimes, the results are a bit compelling, in numerological terms (I’m not read up on Numerology, per se, but I call these things Numerological occurrences). Here’s the take from my latest capture, at some point, earlier in the start of the new Blogger day, that is today. I don’t quite remember when I took this snapshot, but it was a lot more compelling on the playback just now, when I tried it over again. The first one is a fast adrenaline whoop, and the reverse of it is a scanning proximity-based bass percussive effect that roils back in with additive layers of punch to it, similarly high-energy to it. I’d suppose that perhaps I’d originally begun the sequence of testing them in reverse order, and when I came back to it, it was primed as the last one that I’d played, which seems to perhaps play in to some notion of priming the device to play it back with the intended effect, and CPU priming for playback (I’m using the app on an iPad Pro 2020). This duo is a particularly appreciable set.

Update: Saturday, December 5th, 2020.

Traffic has been steady, and once again on a month-on-month gain in hits, for the month, as far as November. (I base my iSweeps on my blog hit stats; not sure if I’d mentioned that). Here’s the iSweeps that were compelling out of today’s moment, from a few minutes ago. 

A modular-transforming percussive arpeggiated pattern, with nice variance on the upper bass tones, still in the low boom end, but played through at a quick rate, with the numbers seeming to nearly have square or cubic multiplicative or combinatorial binary logarithmic significance (something like that). 

A truly deep fwomping bass sweep.



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