Scoring Appearances - You're more right, most of the time, yet when you're wrong, it's time to concede.

I recently had an encounter of a chance nature over text message.

A guy contacted me about a transaction that began, over craigslist, of which there had been scarcely any such thing going on, in my life, as far as craigslist goes. I was going to purchase a laptop from him, at a given price. When I showed up to meet him, though, he quoted me $400 over what I was expecting to pay, which was the scraping edge of my budget, set aside for the computer in question. 

I couldn't purchase the computer, obviously, given the discrepancy. I was legitimately confused, but then again, I felt; "whatever. He's just saying that it's such and such price, and he figures something or other about it." 

In Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' séminal work (in the field of psychology), the first stage of loss is disbelief. I didn't quite believe the guy was being genuine, or that I was unsober enough, from then, until the time I met him, after I'd traveled out a good distance to meet him, where it was convenient, for him; such that I somehow misconstrued the price of the item, itself, and got confused, my self, on account of my own drug-induced mania and existential angst surrounding procuring gobs of desirables of the retail and internet commerce ecology, given that I had become a new-born retail slut, for having been given the good graces of unemployment insurance money, which was a huge boost in windfall finances, and less labor upon myself, of scant-means subsistence within a most bottom-rung welfare demographic. 


the guy had let me try the computer out, just a bit, since I am, given the circumstances here, in question, a prosumer purchaser, as a long-time techie and hardware buff. On one hand, it was a great deal. On the other, I showed up,

and the guy told me that I was woefully mistaken, essentially, and he cut the meeting quip. He had other places to be, by his claims. 

 So, flash forward, to today, earlier on; actually, it was last night, but it was late, and he was asking for the unlock code | PIN for the computer, since, as I'd mentioned, I was taking care go investigate the specs and sign-in process of the computer. Price happened to be a consideration, on my part. On his end? Who knows? I felt like I know. In addition to this and that, sort of thing, some notably "huuhh..." sorts of stuff went complementary along with the transaction failing, short of it's ostensible goal - that the computer would get sold. The ad was no longer up, when I checked on it, a bit afterwards. 

My faux pas, in this [current moment] allegory that was transpiring over text message, was that I didn't realize that the guy was contacting me through a Google Voice number that we must have exchanged, earlier on, in the day, as we were planning on meeting up to complete the transaction. I thought that he had tracked me down, of my new phone number, « somehow ». <_< ... ¿ ~`°^•*\=✓?

I was wrong, though. Long story short, I relented to his request, upon realizing that I was, in some simple, yet undeniable consequence, of appearing to be overbearing, rude, and uncongenial, for believing that it was strange that he had gotten in touch with me, somehow, on a device I didn't have back then. 

The result was that he was pleased that I shared the 2-factor authentication code with him, as he requested. He brushed off my earlier-on cockiness and defensiveness, without a mention of it. I feel like he was decent and mature, in a surprising capacity, particularly for how quip and bold I'm most commonly treated as, by people I'm familiar with; (to some greater or lesser degree, yet these people are tipped off, to my credit, in inferencing, sensing, perceiving, or even simply identifying, straight out, due to singling out the possibilities, and realities that transpire, in the small, private bunker that is my mental awareness and inferred intelligence, which happens to commonly be favorable, for my suitability, as for myself, and as well, most commonly, amongst others). I'm not talking about short-sighted consequence and happenstance - I'm of the belief that "I am that I am," or "I am what I am," and therefore, I maintain my living mind's sense about things. 

That was long-winded. The takeaway, though, was how well-received my correction to the problematic issue at hand ended up, in being, with the guy on the other end of the line. 


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