Faults of Character in Investments: the Personae.

 In investing, particularly for the generally uninformed and dilettante sorts; 

various types of flaws of character come to the foray; particularly if one could be seen to be faulty in character. This subject applies to us, succinctly, for that we could (or might) care to try our hand at investing at our age (I'm gearing my content, in this case, to the post-college aged-ish through millennial demographic). Like my target demographic, I am somewhat the speculative investor: new to forex trading, which can move fast, due to the volatility of foreign and global currency markets, (some, and at times, as well - of various means and meanings of times, at that), given the increased leverage on margin which is afforded to the investor in forex.

As such, that the forex markets seem to be a compelling platform for establishing a trading hobby, as a slight towards for a cottage industry professionalism, that things could aught be, given forex trading as the subject, it would be more fruitful if new investors emerged as both willing to invest, for the obvious sake of seeking gain, while becoming informed; perhaps as a nod towards the notion of "learning as we go," being the ethos and foundational merit of our presence in the international foreign currency exchange markets. 

In this blog, I will highlight some of the trademark blunders and shortcomings of investment theory that have | had befallen me; as well as that I'll also highlight some of the allegory and annotations to the subject at hand that I perceived, in the course of making, keeping, or even deciding upon, of the extents of investing in a currency pair, through to the act of selling it, and I'll detail the greater insight gained, in the process, while educating the reader on this collective process that we will achieve, together, as I establish these theoretics to concern and inform the reader of (while keeping from breaking rules of the platform, and to keep in good taste).

The sunken loss investor.

This fault of character hearkens back to the more juvenile (were it be so, or, in many cases,) practice of gambling. Anyone who has gambled in a casino setting could relate - things aren't going the way we'd like them to, of chance, or of opportunity, and it seems as if the tables have turned against our own personal favor, in redeeming our original investment, and it seems somewhat unlikely that "luck" will turn around, any time soon. Perhaps some faulty moves had been indulged in, or that they happened, on account of a sleight, in error, or our ego got in to the foray, as for blame. 

The suggestible investor. 

Hearing someone tell us that we are "..." might seem to suggest that what we're doing on our devices perhaps matters more, and to someone else, who happens to somehow be pwning us, as we divulge our investment money in to positions and trades, and while we go about our digital lives, in general, as responsible and informed deciders and designers of our fate, that we try to be, as investors, here, in this limited case scenario. 

The impolite dilettante, with a purpose.

Some things, such as doting upon life, and circumstances, might seem trite, to the more experienced and authoritative observer. These days, with our oversight, might, in mind, be, as constant for as much as we remain present and focused, with discernment, and detachment, which we learn from our endowment from the Far East, and from the Indian Subcontinent; of their meditative practices and cultural or religious symbology, of Buddhist and Taoist practices, for example. 

The imperatives investor.

Sometimes, people are just picking on us, it might seem, as the newcomer to the forex markets and for the sake of our positions, forecasts, technique, skills, intelligence, relevance, and our intents. On one hand, we're afforded much, for having the sake of the global foreign currency exchange at our command, for as much as we're willing or able to do so, and on the other hand, sometimes, the more senior and authoritative minds have it out for us, to teach us a lesson, in remote sensing dialogues, advice, and in nurturing. That's most typically what I get, in any case. 

The bully pigeon. 

Some people are just simply unwilling to do anything, until they get what they want. "Sighs." I suppose that the oversight element sometimes "just knows" what we're doing, and we're being valuated for the sake of establishing ourselves as complete fluff, or as critical analysis financial theorists, to come.

The one-hit wonder. 

Perhaps it's intoxication, over-stimulation, or that things had turned out in our favor, already. The chance had come and gone. What's a reasonable and rational expectation upon an invested gain, or sale? How often should that opportunity present itself?


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