Subtexts, Semantic Web, Disregard, and Conflicts of Interest in Cryptocurrency Investments.

 It’s mid-April, 2021, and Coinbase’s public debut on the stock market was a widely-touted news topic, in the weeks and days leading up to the popular cryptocurrency trading and investment web | app being offered itself as a trading commodity, as that it is the first Wall Street stock offering in the cryptocurrency industry category. 

What became of it, upon initial trading days having transpired, at this point, is a somewhat nominal concept. What sort of real intrinsic significance, or difference, for that matter, could really be expected, somewhat, of the notion that investing in the platform and company, itself, is a somewhat more moderate and conservative notion from what sorts of excitement the cryptocurrency commodities themselves, had been playing out, for traders and investors who had been using Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, the companion app, where several dozen, or so, cryptocurrency products had been trading and swinging up and down, back and forth, with great volatility and amplitude in the weeks leading up to Coinbase’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), whereas the new-ish concept of a new generation of investing platform, with opportunities and ideals unique and custom-designed, by a new generation of creators, in and of itself, was the shining star selling point, impetus, and momentum behind platforms such as Coinbase, or similar other established or emerging web | app platforms of the same basis; of commodities trading, with inclusions for digital currencies, set against a backdrop of fiat, stablecoin, crypto, commodities, and global currencies? 

In other words, and to recap, the IPO, in and of itself, ended up being only marginally as exciting as other (memorable or forgettable) other big name IPOs had been, in recent months or years. I hadn’t been keeping up with investing at all, and I essentially rode the wave of weeks leading up to this point in time, as a typically fresh one, although I had reawakened an enthusiasm for investing, for having been a recipient of unemployment insurance benefits and Pandemic Unemployment Award money, as a self-employed, semi | quasi gig worker, with some organizational merits that old been figuratively homesteading on a General Top Level Domain name branding and content publishing marketing basis, whereas I’d been using these gTLDs as imaginative and formative basis for both content and purpose of my startup aspiration mini-gig sort of companies I’d started (several), and I’d taken the branding and naming notions quite seriously, even if I’d become somewhat dissociated and obfuscated away from what I’d initially tried to portray, of a company startup, with intelligence of far-reaching and relatively obscure sorts of content being the driving force behind my attempts to establish something(s) out of these startup web blog basis ideas, and what could become of them, over many, several or something like that - sort of years upon end, type of idea I’d try to work in to them - some of them failed, or I’d failed in having just enough funding and personal attention and capability in supporting, whereas some of them were more simple and basic notions, of a more powerful branding sort that I could wrap my mind around, about them, and I figure that I could sustain those ones that stuck it through with me, as my gTLD content publishing internet domain “babies” that could see some significance or worth attach themselves to others’ (readers’ ) affections, over time, whether it be for worth, information, humor, reference, ambivalence, or rebuke - I out doo doo 💩, as my latest claim on Twitter, for example, (though), for that sometimes, it’s a whole lot of information to get excited about, and sometimes, it’s just too much seriousness about it, and personal issues get in the way. I’m only <_< remotely supported; whereas concepts of direct support ar scarcely well-supported. 

I got some books from the library, recently, and one of them was a quick textbook on Economics. I just barely got in to it, but one of the first lessons about it was that scarcity of a commodity is the essential and primary factor in establishing worth of an object, being supposed as valuable. This concept plays richly in to the cryptocurrency industry, in establishing digitized information, with various levels of organization and establishment behind them as the heralding calls of what could be construed as the basis for loyalty and worth; of affections for the various currency offerings, of which Coinbase has done a significant service towards, in effecting an educational basis, as it’s feature offering to its user base, as the well-to-do and quite generous “token” notion, of the company, in that they offer new users video tutorials for some of the various cryptocurrency commodities and digital “tokens,” I’ll call them, which are featured on Coinbase, itself. Itself, being a somewhat conservative and not-far reaching platform of extents in to all that cryptocurrencies offer, which I can get in to, of a much more unbeknownst-to-most, sort of imaginative context and topic target to touch upon, whereas Coinbase’s offerings are fairly well established, scheduled effectively, and they lack in significant derision from what could ostensibly be supposed of a product’s listing offerings, whereas the Stock Exchanges offer significant variety and diversity, Forex is also diverse, and somewhat vast, as well, and cryptocurrency is largely new territory, with differing founding ideals, protocols, and folklore behind the individual currencies, of which a “standard” anybody, off-hand, could create and establish a new digital cryptocurrency token, network, or organization, and governing body and ethos underlying the token’s establishment upon the crypto-trading industry’s offerings, of a decentralized (perhaps) and global nature. 

For these reasons, I was drawn to folklore, largely, of the sorts of choices I make in investing in the individual cryptocurrency tokens that I find to be compelling. I have my own reasons for these things, yet semantics and familiarity with my standard typical daily work-living life play in to these choices, which I suppose are “cookie’d” and followed about, by creators and their ad and support networks, of an extent of tech information and establishment which would take me much more inquiry and research in to understanding and development, perhaps, on my own part, in coming to create significance out of these sorts of choices, whereas my news and ad serve identity is, in and of itself, a quite well-nourished and lively entity, in and of themselves. 

Perhaps I’ll update more so, later on. 


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