Big Hopes for Grassroots Gardening Efforts - My Post-Pandemic Work-Life Opportunity.

 These past few months have been a series of onset-manic episodes, whether it be the relentless targeting of my home, belongings, and procurements for my enterprise|s|, getting “fooled” by the higher powers that be and the voices in my head, or trying to keep up with feeding the pigeons, I’ve been forging a mind that’s not always as high-functioning as I’d like it to be. I won’t get in to it. You can go on my Twitter if you want to know more about that sort of thing. 

The big thing is, is that I got in to a (new) line of work.

People who had been following along with me, over the years of my domaining and blogging (as opposed to blogging on free sites, social media, etc.) might recall my former aspirations to do something “green” with my former blog, now at

You can check out the seedlings blogs to catch up, if you’re not in on those developments that had led up to this point in time, where I’d been curating fragrance ingredients, both natural and synthetic, and [trying to] get around to studying the art, science, and history of the perfume and fragrance industry:

I’d been vastly and dramatically distracted, though, by the voices in my head, on a constant basis. It’s been a travesty. 


I got some entrepreneurial spirit back in to me, for getting some positive reinforcement about trying to stick to the standard American work week and weekend (of some form … <_<), and I tried out a couple of ads on the craigslist “services” section, which I never really looked at, but for my positioning in place and time, that’s the section that suits my aspirations. One of them got some traction, and I got three calls for gardening services. The other ad was some immemorable personal techie assistant tasks guy sort of thing. The ads cost $5.00 each, to post. 


Just as I did, with my fragrance-making hobby, I quickly invested in my new work opportunity, and it’s timely, as such, as the California Employment Development Department requires, now, (in July, 2021), that people certifying weeks of unemployment for unemployment benefits (we do two weeks at a time), comply with work search requirements, keep track of them, and document them. That sounds good, for reclaiming the mind’s attention span, and daily focus, for a virtuous and prosperous purpose. In my life, and in circles around me, the common attention span, for observation, was of that it became unacceptably in decline, due to rampant overnighting and drug abuse, over and over again. 

I’d considered following up on my former domaining aspirations, and doing, but I’ve got a huge wave of commitments and bills swirling back and forth, to and fro, and I have a hard time keeping up with some of my bills, at this point in time. Someone just banged on the roof, above me. 

Weirdness… 🤔🤭🙄



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