Small gardening services and specialties offered in South Los Angeles, or beyond (Web ad, Spring 2022)

All power tools are electronic and battery powered, in compliance with new laws in Los Angeles. If the job you’re interested in doing is a large job, I can possibly arrange to offer you an Augmented Reality on-device real-time 3-dimensional preview of a finished product, to demonstrate what can be done in your yard. Lead time for some of these jobs is perhaps one week. Some projects require an initial consultation, where I would take a look at the job, perhaps take some LiDAR scans of the area to be worked on, and I would become familiarized with your project work space, and I can add AR objects on top of things, to plan out the roadmap for your garden. I’m generally available on most given days, or we can see what works out, on your schedule. If you’re interested in exotic, heirloom, or organic seeds, to start off your garden - now would be a great time for that, but there will be some waiting time, depending on where the seeds are sourced. In some cases, I may not have the tools on hand, and I would need to order tools, which would take a few or several days for them to arrive - it’s no problem, on my end. For decorative projects, I would show you an online listing for the item, and I would have you order the materials, perhaps, and I can do the installation work for you - something along those lines. 

Lawn trimming

Hedge trimming 

Blowing leaves  

Bird baths

Outdoor misting system

Drip irrigation installation

Sprinkler timing with Smart capabilities (Wi-Fi)

Trellis installation

Bare-root planting (grapes, berries, etc.)

New tree planting

Tree pruning - up to 8 ft.

Seasonal tree and bush trimming

Vegetable gardens

Herb gardens

Formal garden and landscape design

Outdoor lighting 

Water pumps for bird baths, ponds, etc. 

Plant fertilization, supplementation, and trace mineral touch-ups

Plant disease control

Grading of soil (slope)

Turning soil, double turning soil

Soil improvement | analysis

Extensive knowledge of common or exotic plants

Wind chimes | garden decorations

Pool water testing and maintenance

Pool cleaning

Bird spikes

Squirrel feeders

Pest spraying

Hanging plants

Vertical gardening

Compost bin setup and maintenance

Worm composting


Fairy rings (mushroom circle plantings)

Weed removal (torching) + root removal | clean soil for planting

Artificial turf installation

Digital weather station

Garden decorations - garden gnomes

Chicken feeders 

Chicken coops 

Chickens | baby chicks

Fancy pigeons

Pigeon coops

Pigeon training advice

Beehive installation 

As you can see, 

I have a significant amount of small gardening tasks, skills and capabilities. I’d like to meet up with you to discuss your gardening needs. I am available to speak on the phone, or if you have an Apple Device, please use FaceTime Audio to call me at (213) 280-6396, or you can reach me at iMessage at the same number. My Google Voice number is (213) 545-6660, where I can receive text messages, and I can call out, on that number (I use an iPad Pro, so the issue of making and receiving calls is a slight bit of a challenge, since I don’t receive notifications for calls, except for FaceTime Audio (or Video). 

I do my work throughout greater Los Angeles, although I am located in South Los Angeles, as the place where I start my days out (in most cases). I don’t mind traveling (I do take the bus, however), so some of these tasks take a bit of planning or arrangements, of some sort. We can discuss this sort of thing, when we speak.


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