In search of a great caffeinated product - discovering Chinese jasmine pearl tea. (Product Review) (updating)

These days, 

there is a lot of news article chatter, going about, as to that supply chains are being thwarted. One of the suspect industries is the energy drink industry; I give it a broad swath of inclusion that includes coffee, as well as tea. Being that I was brought up going to Dim Sum, which is a Cantonese | Chinese tradition.

Dim sum



Dim sum is a large range of small Chinese dishes that are traditionally enjoyed in restaurants for brunch. Most modern dim sum dishes originated in China and are commonly associated with Cantonese cuisine, although dim sum dishes also exist in other Chinese cuisines. Wikipedia

I’ve put myself up for the challenge of not only evaluating (subjectively), the quality of caffeine content offered in various drinks, according to supplementary documentation on a given energy drink product, as well as academic literature that would suppose that in-depth analysis of a product had been performed - I’ve still to get around to reading up on these things; at this point, I’m only going by subjective experience.

For example, I’ve noticed that “trending” energy drinks - the sort that seem to have broken ground, in the years since our childhood ended, as millennials, in to years where “hyped up” personalities became popular figures, such as that had happened, in the years following the turn of the millennium, or so - these drinks seem to reliably provide “some” supplement nutrient content, but if they ever - (that is, to say, if I could remember correctly) did give me an energy boost, it doesn’t see to be a long-standing and faithful experience of energy drinks, as far as the totality of the history of all energy drinks that I consume,  here as I do buy in to the concept regularly - hoping that I won’t lose pace with my expected course of the day; feeding pigeons is truthfully tougher than people might imagine - it’s a laborious and time-invested task.

I’m camped out, tonight, after having been put out of my home, this past weekend, but I’m doing alright, and food stamps just came in, today - a welcome revelation.

That being said, there’s various things afoot that would constitute that Chinese jasmine pearl tea is a superior form of caffeine offered - for one thing, it’s a handmade artisan product, with the tea leaves being cured, rolled by hand, and fragrances, via the mere presence of jasmine flowers - similar to the perfumery process known as enfleurage:

  1. the extraction of essential oils and perfumes from flowers using odorless animal or vegetable fats.
Here, in the case of jasmine pearl tea, the tea leaves are placed amongst jasmine flowers, once the process of curing had been performed on the leaves (I believe; I’m not all that much particularly well-read up, on the subject, just yet). The product is a traditional Chinese favorite, customarily offered at dim sum, which typically happens on the weekends, as a brunch-styled affair.

100 grams of Chinese jasmine pearl tea.
There are various things that constitute a finer caffeine content, in the example of the agricultural product that is jasmine pearl tea - for one, this tea is traditionally brewed at a lower overall temperature than other major natural caffeinated agricultural products, such as coffee, which implements boiling water to pass through it, in addition to it being roasted - with caffeine being a potentially “sacrificed” feature premise and expectation to be delivered upon, for the consumer.

People also ask

Jasmine pearl tea is customarily brewed at 200°F or less, thereby producing a brew that ostensibly affects the quality of caffeine, in being a lesser temperature than other products that are, at times, packaged with more stringent and less-documented manufacturing processes. That being the case, I suggest jasmine pearl tea as a fine go-to product, for the daily stimulation regimen, even though it’s fairly costly, and it needs to be brewed manually (for lazy people). I’ll update soon, with some tips on how to more easily implement jasmine pearl tea in to a daily routine.


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