IoTpigeons.eco is a bio-tech medical and cosmetics startup, founded on November 19th, 2020. 

The underlying and fundamental underpinnings of IoTpigeons.eco are a mesh of coincidental and consequential concurrent outcomes that I had found myself involved in: the COVID-19 pandemic has been wearing on, now, for the majority portion of this past year. 2020 is a somewhat auspicious time to live in; it’s been some time since the turn of the millennium, during which time I had become an adult. Flash forward, to the present day, and I marvel at the experiences I’ve lived through, and I’m much the better for those experiences. Lessons had been learned, over time, and I feel like I’d come to a point of significant serendipity in life; one where the former constraints and boundaries of my lesser self, that I had been, in youth, have been freed from me, and I largely now am much better off, in self-esteem, morale, and for my optimism, within that it is rationally grounded upon a strong work ethic and stringent oversight agency, of which I am broadly bonded and accountable to. 

My passion for farming began in my high school years. I grew up in a suburban city in Southern California, nearby the metropolitan Downtown Los Angeles area. I grew up, with my parents, and my brother, Garrett, in a modest and Christian home with a pool in the backyard, with both a backyard and front yard lawn. At some point, back then, I had taken up an interest in planting a vegetable garden. Living near the Chinese communities out nearer towards Downtown Los Angeles, such as Monterey Park and Alhambra, I was blessed to have well-resourced garden and nursery centers that had a large and diverse selection of vegetables, seeds, flowers, herbs, bulbs, and fruit trees. Furthering my interests in planting a garden, I would commonly visit the nearby Los Angeles Botanical Gardens and Huntington Library in San Marino. Here, in Los Angeles, I grew up in a veritably ideal setting of culture upon horticulture. 

My technical side of learning environment developments in life came when I attended University at the Riverside University of California campus. I majored in music, and I had a keyboard synthesizer with which I learned to program, emulate, and compose music, which played a big part in my then-blooming social life and identity. Electronic music was having a heyday season, we were in the highlights of our youth and young adulthood, and technology was the driving force and delivery module which elevated our senses and which provided the grounds, basis, and medium for many of my fond memories and relationships forged, as I grew up and adapted to life in academia. To this day, the practices and habits of my college years stand strong, and I currently spend much of my time researching academic, scientific, and medical literature on my internet-connected devices. 

My love of birds, like my love of gardening, also began in my high school years. It began when my mother had caught a flyaway lovebird, who had lost her home. She was a very special lovebird: a mixture of green peach face and yellow peach face in her feather coloration; a very unique and beautiful bird. We had purchased her a nesting box, and a lovebird partner, and within some time, they were a breeding and egg-laying pair. We had determined that it would be a good path for the birds if we could hand-tame them. As miniature parrots, lovebirds have a sharp beak, and the original mother would become defensive when we would reach in to the bird cage. She wasn’t quite at all tame. We took the baby birds out of the nesting box, after a couple of weeks, or so, that the mother had been taking care of her chicks. The had-tamed lovebirds that were brought up by myself, and my mother, were very playful and affectionate with us, their human caretakers. We would sell the baby birds to individuals or pet stores. We had produced a handful of dozens of baby birds for people, through my high school years, and college. 

These days, I’m out on my own, and I’m in a dynamic shifting time of my life, in terms of becoming a self-sufficient and fully adult man, nearing my 40th birthday, which will fall within the year 2022. 


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