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Here, you will find some “finest quality” folkish cottage artisan-crafted future technology products such as organometallic nanotubes, raw, organic nutraceutical supplements of most appreciable purity, produced under rigorous demands of robust and demonstrable healing capabilities, algae-based process biodynamic hydration wellness drink products, with more products in development on a continuous basis. 

Signature Carbon and Trace Mineral Nanotube Specimens (whole)

For the collector, researcher, or visual arts enthusiast, with a special tendency towards developing future technologies of the time. The emerging “Era of IoT,” amidst a call for sustainable energy industries to become established, a flourishing interest and demand for attention to personal and civic health, wellbeing, and medical care, I offer an ongoing series of canonically unique carbon nanotube (fullerene) specimens, unprocessed, and produced at human-visible, human-handling size magnitude and scale. 

The transformative molecular and atomic processes involved in the boutique startup biotech company that is are much to the saying, as is documented in my accompanying blogs, yet the visible truth in hand, as some of our nurturing idioms had been passed down to us, are worth calculably more so, than the simple notion, or theoretical quandary, gone “unexperienced,” as it were, such that the bird in the bush would seem, to the casual observer, versus the affections that are discoverable for the true lover of avian life that bird-trainers experience, which is a significantly greater appreciation. 

Similarly, my product lines were envisioned at the outset of establishing as an online retail storefront and knowledge base, as that the products would inspire affections towards health in the consumer, given a radically dynamic change for the better, for using the products. 

Here, with the nanotubes product line, I offer the rhetorical “bird in hand” for the consumer, with unique biological specimens of macro algae that had developed nanotubes upon their formative structures, before becoming preserved, as visibly form and scale suitable for the naked eye, or through entry-level microscopic magnification (400x; I use the TinyScope mobile-device camera attachment accessory). The unprocessed (comparatively) nanotubes are taken directly from my aquaculture farming pools, intact on the macro algae specimens, following the finishing stages of producing other algae products, such as my wellness drinks line. A true scientific and technological novelty-of-affections item line, with artistic and naturalist aesthetics to them, as well. Each specimen is catalogued and offered as its own singular and canonical product offering, along with technical analysis documentation to suit the inquiring mind; such that the product might or ought be on display.

 Item ID: 2.1711.20-01 - $50.00 

A miniature “Zen Garden” object, in a form similar to a windswept coastal distressed and roughened tree, or perhaps, a fractal-esque Logo programming language nuanced rendition of the same, in the implications inherent in the formative structure of the piece, as the base, headings, and branches multiply and establish themselves of further reaches of growth and delicateness of the piece. 

Here, some isotropic stoichiometric allotropes had developed on the branches, in relatively uniform hexagonal expanses, through the aspiration of the specimen’s life energy, to when it had spent all of its internal energies, in reaction to the Trace minerals bath and subsequent treatments that had been employed, during the production phase of  my various other product lines. The frequency signatures of the refractive resonant energy of the various pieces of nanotubes that had established themselves on the gnarled branches can be seen, in some of the pictures, along with the diffractice index of dispersion of the wavelengths of light and dark that are produced. 



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