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Baby steps in directed intelligent design - the arachnid offspring of would-be ticks and parasitess

Given that I sometimes delve into (intervene in) the development and progression of tick and related parasitic arachnids in their breeding cycles, based on first-hand experience in visually altering the progeny of local pigeons, as proof of my theory,  I venture to guess that these are some of the interesting offspring of what would otherwise have become some sort of standard tick or similar parasitic arachnid. Discovered: Thursday, July 28th, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - a Hermit Crab arachnid. Is it poisonous, I wonder? I don’t have much grounding as a collector, and I don’t quite agree with the idea of capturing rare or novel species, subsequent to a season of having nurtured the local ecology and soils with ionic minerals - given how rough life would be, with scant watering orders put in place, on top of hints at climate change, for the hotter, and since this is the summertime, I would look at some of the visually apparent biological markers of this critter - an arachnid, that it is, and appa

Some notes on potential workflow and implementation hazards in a nuclear watershed.

 Fractionated compounds are generally stabilized, in place, from my beginner’s perspective on the topic, since they have ceased being actively in motion, admixture, or flux, yet with fragrance compounds, there is additional uncertainty inherent in working with these subject materials, since they characteristically have volatile aromatic components to them, with varying vapor pressures. I’d experienced, recently, amidst a workspace that has seen frequent foreign agent disturbances and chaotic circumstances, perhaps, of unbeknownst (to me) pilfering and playing around with, of a subject material (a chemical, or chemistry project), and the material ends up spilling out, being knocked over, on its side, or down to the floor, or it becomes haphazardly disregarded, amidst a disorganized workspace, and it becomes part of the mess, crumbs, and spills that have seeped in to the carpet, for example.  A nuclear watershed, in and of itself - an obscure subject, and existences, thereof, being of so