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Visions of Self-Assembling Nano | Micro Metallo-Ionic-Meta Material Creatures. (Updating)

 * something along those lines. I had lost track of the topic article threads and contexts, somehow, somewhere back, along the way.  The gist is, in a sense, that tacky crumbs and knickknacks, given some nuclear and energetic | electromagnetic, and metallo-based (or similar) serendipity, in scrum evolutionary development - become life-animated, of a creature sort that - “could be,” perhaps would, yet give, the vast expanse and chance nature of the occurrences, these sorts of creations are scarcely visible to the eye; in fact, they are averse to coming in to animated life, I would somewhat suppose, on account of a dark and parasitical nature, perhaps, that their existence would pre-suppose, given that they would need to have had a very specific sort of energy cling and gravity towards them, in order for the pieces to have had aligned, and intelligence and discovery of continuing resources would perhaps develop forth, from the basis of ionization and inductive capacitance, of sorts, and

Getting ready for California’s new (2022) organic waste composting law.

Since I run a business in Los Angeles, I try to keep up with all operation-pertinent laws, tax rules, and permit issues.  One of the new initiatives which was voted in to law in 2016 has to do with California’s landfill waste. Citizens are going to experience a rollout of this initiative, which calls upon the public to separate their organic waste refuse from their non-compostable trash . As various districts receive and implement the new law over the next two years, it will be decided just how the organic waste will be dealt with.  I decided to be proactive and decorative, at the same time, with regards to this new legislation, being put in to place - I decided to be celebratory, somewhat, and take on a practice that my mother had done, back when she was teaching grade school: vermiculture - a big word, for a second-grade audience, but that goes to show how good a teacher she was, ostensibly - that her pupils could learn how to farm worms, and at the same time, compost organic w

Discovering: the in-hand, by-sight explanation of how algae grows, in comparison to "plants."

 Albeit  in the literature, (earlier on), algae had been referred to as "plants," themselves,  Later understandings and publications on Phycology (the science and study of algae) came to recognize the organisms and phylum category of species as separate and distinct from plant life, as we commonly know it, whereas these primordial ocean and sea life precursors to plants, in their similarities, and differences, demonstrate arcane and scarcely documented (check out the date, it's winter of 2020 | 2021!) - the mobile device cameras, on the high-end iPad Pro and Pixel 4a (5G) are marvelous instruments of digital capture.  What eyes may have seen, once before, in former years, as best as they could see them; the mysteries and forma of algae, seaweed, and coralline sea life, were a wide crevasse of primordial simplicity, of some of the micro-organisms of algae, and whereas, formerly, access to high quality nutrients and growth medium materials may have been of a greater cost th