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Reblog from Google News: - a species of fish that farms algae has been found to farm shrimp as well, to help run their farm.

I found this account of a charming fish to be endearing. The fish farms both algae and shrimp, and it defends its shrimp farm from intruders and predators.

Discovering: the in-hand, by-sight explanation of how algae grows, in comparison to "plants."

 Albeit  in the literature, (earlier on), algae had been referred to as "plants," themselves,  Later understandings and publications on Phycology (the science and study of algae) came to recognize the organisms and phylum category of species as separate and distinct from plant life, as we commonly know it, whereas these primordial ocean and sea life precursors to plants, in their similarities, and differences, demonstrate arcane and scarcely documented (check out the date, it's winter of 2020 | 2021!) - the mobile device cameras, on the high-end iPad Pro and Pixel 4a (5G) are marvelous instruments of digital capture.  What eyes may have seen, once before, in former years, as best as they could see them; the mysteries and forma of algae, seaweed, and coralline sea life, were a wide crevasse of primordial simplicity, of some of the micro-organisms of algae, and whereas, formerly, access to high quality nutrients and growth medium materials may have been of a greater cost th

Update on the red algae blooms growth: a lively well-formed bloom.

It's been a few days since I "planted" this algae nursery, from out in Malibu and Topanga Beach, so I figured that itwas time to check on the progress of the algae. The water was quite warm; a promising sign that good biological processes were at hand. Here's my prize piece that I found, near the top of the plastic jug. It appears to havea richly diverse set of presentments and flourishes of Floridian-type leaflets, as well as some larger juicier structures, as well as node-like cells of what could be fibrous protein establishments on the algae.