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Baby steps in directed intelligent design - the arachnid offspring of would-be ticks and parasitess

Given that I sometimes delve into (intervene in) the development and progression of tick and related parasitic arachnids in their breeding cycles, based on first-hand experience in visually altering the progeny of local pigeons, as proof of my theory,  I venture to guess that these are some of the interesting offspring of what would otherwise have become some sort of standard tick or similar parasitic arachnid. Discovered: Thursday, July 28th, 2022, 8:30 a.m. - a Hermit Crab arachnid. Is it poisonous, I wonder? I don’t have much grounding as a collector, and I don’t quite agree with the idea of capturing rare or novel species, subsequent to a season of having nurtured the local ecology and soils with ionic minerals - given how rough life would be, with scant watering orders put in place, on top of hints at climate change, for the hotter, and since this is the summertime, I would look at some of the visually apparent biological markers of this critter - an arachnid, that it is, and appa

Discovering: the in-hand, by-sight explanation of how algae grows, in comparison to "plants."

 Albeit  in the literature, (earlier on), algae had been referred to as "plants," themselves,  Later understandings and publications on Phycology (the science and study of algae) came to recognize the organisms and phylum category of species as separate and distinct from plant life, as we commonly know it, whereas these primordial ocean and sea life precursors to plants, in their similarities, and differences, demonstrate arcane and scarcely documented (check out the date, it's winter of 2020 | 2021!) - the mobile device cameras, on the high-end iPad Pro and Pixel 4a (5G) are marvelous instruments of digital capture.  What eyes may have seen, once before, in former years, as best as they could see them; the mysteries and forma of algae, seaweed, and coralline sea life, were a wide crevasse of primordial simplicity, of some of the micro-organisms of algae, and whereas, formerly, access to high quality nutrients and growth medium materials may have been of a greater cost th

A |perhaps| reiteration, and | or formative statement and roadmap aspirations of, as the establishment.

A rumination upon the prevailing inspirational purpose of my establishment - to harness the inherent potassium iodide constituent product of seaweed and algae for its acute radiation overdose potential, with the aim of producing a viable [at first] short-term antibiotic product, through ionic mineral infusions and nutritive | nurturing environment farming techniques of imbuing the tap | freshwater growing medium with supplements and additives, in order to produce a breakthrough growth spurt or stark biological reaction to such a growing medium; wherefore we find, as beach goers, the washed-up algae upon the shores, and rolling inland, amongst the waves, the true virtuous natural environment of algae is diverse, yet similarly highly dependent upon nutrients of the deep sea ocean floor, where the organisms grow (albeit, their growing medium and sustainable livelihoods are diverse, as stated previously; some of the specimens I’ve procured, here, in Southern California, from the Pacific Oc