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Some musings on a creation of Methyl Vanillyl Ecgonine, thoughts and experiences, after practical use scenarios ensue.

Happening upon such a strangely novel and unexpected transformation of a pound of vanilla beans (Vanilla tahitiensis) in a tincture of perfumer’s alcohol, I’d determined that people find the discovery to be a significant draw, of that they’d like to do the project alone; that is, the creation of the aroma compound methyl vanillyl ecgonidine. A little-known recipe of lore, which I’d happened upon, in perfumery recipes, of a made-from-scratch ethic, is that the spitting-image aroma of crack cocaine resin, in a pipe, can be manufactured directly, and fairly simply - using vanilla beans as the starting ingredient. Difficulty: moderate. Requires vigorous daily (more or less) shaking of a fairly large (1 liter) canning jar filled with 1 lb. of vanilla beans and solvent. Risk of fire, explosion of the canning jar, or ruining of the product (via too much pyrolysis) if the instructions regarding the amount of lye (last step in the recipe) are disregarded. There is a fairly high cost for the ing