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The pandemic-ready super-nutrients diet - powdered juices and extracts. (Product Review)

For many of us, and for more, to come,  the premise of including superfoods as the sort of dietary inclusions du jour  comes about - at times, it feels sustainable, and, as for myself, having done some stints in exclusive or inclusive diets, as well as meal preparations - I’ve tried pescatarian diets, dating back to my university days, when, as well; I’d had some influences of vegetarianism come my way, which I tried out, a bit - having been brought up, in my childhood, as a fairly standard fare sort of meals type of home life, I found it challenging to completely forgo meat, for example, and I find it, currently, and, in hindsight, to be fairly correlative to the notion of that drug use is otherwise involved, and it’s somewhat a fad thing to do, to give up meat, rather than that it’s a particularly long-standing beneficial thing. In spite of that, I had tried out vegan meals, as well, and there is some notion of a fine artisan craft potential about that dietary subject - I’ve found th

Product Review: Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. ( - Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (Licorice Extract).

What an amazing product! Following upon a recent fascination I had, with licorice - at first, as a fragrance ingredient, and, subsequently, for its potential as a medicinal product - I’ve landed a successful Alibaba  transaction with a trusted seller and manufacturer, located in mainland China - Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. Their products are quite well made; the company is ISO 9001:2000 quality system certified, as well as ISO 14000 environmental system certified. The product I purchased from Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. was dipotassium glycyrrhizinate - a somewhat unknown material to try, and I fail in finding much academic or medical literature on licorice and extracted products derived from licorice, from online sources. Fragrance ingredient suppliers seem to have largely turned to leafy (or seed-sourced) “licorice” essences, or fragrance molecules, such as star anise, fennel, and fenugreek - these alternatives are fairly suitable, fragrance-wise, but my curiousity was piqued, stil

Reblog: Free Press Journal: Indore scientists back algae drug to combat COVID-19.

Here's an inspiring article hailing some recent scientific findings pertaining to the study of algae as an antiviral, with potential to combat COVID-19, produced from a research establishment from central India: Combatting viruses is a classic medical and scientific endeavor: as the economics of price elasticity of a viable cure, or preventative measure, for an illness such that is classified as a virus, some things come in to play:  Viruses, in a most basic sense, are living organisms that have evolved in superiority over adversity in lower animal kingdom etymologies'  battles of the consecration and consumption of filthy refuse, diseased and decaying organic matter (death, and disease, itself), and that it had found opportunistic gains in procuring prolific and robust numbers in autonomous host environments, whereas, in many cases, the human hand, of evil intention, as only humans have