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The pandemic-ready super-nutrients diet - powdered juices and extracts. (Product Review)

For many of us, and for more, to come,  the premise of including superfoods as the sort of dietary inclusions du jour  comes about - at times, it feels sustainable, and, as for myself, having done some stints in exclusive or inclusive diets, as well as meal preparations - I’ve tried pescatarian diets, dating back to my university days, when, as well; I’d had some influences of vegetarianism come my way, which I tried out, a bit - having been brought up, in my childhood, as a fairly standard fare sort of meals type of home life, I found it challenging to completely forgo meat, for example, and I find it, currently, and, in hindsight, to be fairly correlative to the notion of that drug use is otherwise involved, and it’s somewhat a fad thing to do, to give up meat, rather than that it’s a particularly long-standing beneficial thing. In spite of that, I had tried out vegan meals, as well, and there is some notion of a fine artisan craft potential about that dietary subject - I’ve found th