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Product Review: Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. ( - Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (Licorice Extract).

What an amazing product! Following upon a recent fascination I had, with licorice - at first, as a fragrance ingredient, and, subsequently, for its potential as a medicinal product - I’ve landed a successful Alibaba  transaction with a trusted seller and manufacturer, located in mainland China - Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. Their products are quite well made; the company is ISO 9001:2000 quality system certified, as well as ISO 14000 environmental system certified. The product I purchased from Xi’an Aogu Biotech Co., Ltd. was dipotassium glycyrrhizinate - a somewhat unknown material to try, and I fail in finding much academic or medical literature on licorice and extracted products derived from licorice, from online sources. Fragrance ingredient suppliers seem to have largely turned to leafy (or seed-sourced) “licorice” essences, or fragrance molecules, such as star anise, fennel, and fenugreek - these alternatives are fairly suitable, fragrance-wise, but my curiousity was piqued, stil

In search of a great caffeinated product - discovering Chinese jasmine pearl tea. (Product Review) (updating)

These days,  there is a lot of news article chatter, going about, as to that supply chains are being thwarted. One of the suspect industries is the energy drink industry; I give it a broad swath of inclusion that includes coffee, as well as tea. Being that I was brought up going to Dim Sum, which is a Cantonese | Chinese tradition.

Some musings on a creation of Methyl Vanillyl Ecgonine, thoughts and experiences, after practical use scenarios ensue.

Happening upon such a strangely novel and unexpected transformation of a pound of vanilla beans (Vanilla tahitiensis) in a tincture of perfumer’s alcohol, I’d determined that people find the discovery to be a significant draw, of that they’d like to do the project alone; that is, the creation of the aroma compound methyl vanillyl ecgonidine. A little-known recipe of lore, which I’d happened upon, in perfumery recipes, of a made-from-scratch ethic, is that the spitting-image aroma of crack cocaine resin, in a pipe, can be manufactured directly, and fairly simply - using vanilla beans as the starting ingredient. Difficulty: moderate. Requires vigorous daily (more or less) shaking of a fairly large (1 liter) canning jar filled with 1 lb. of vanilla beans and solvent. Risk of fire, explosion of the canning jar, or ruining of the product (via too much pyrolysis) if the instructions regarding the amount of lye (last step in the recipe) are disregarded. There is a fairly high cost for the ing

Crumbs and knick-knacks, crumbs and knick-knacks, awrr πŸ¦– rawr 🐩 rawr. (On radiation poisoning).

  With major international brinksmanship and warmongering in mind, given recent events pertaining to Russia invading the Ukraine, I’m of a sort that sometimes questions just how much of viable and actionable intelligence that matters: for our own safety, health, and wellbeing - reaches us, as the general civilian population? How much of conjectural and colloquial understandings serve to prepare us, for what would conceivably affect us all, being that these are nuclear global superpowers vying for world stage dominance, sustainability, and superiority? Some questions are better left unexamined, I’d offer, being that these are complex and muddled issues, with many of us, in general, not much of an expert in these foreign relations (or is it just me? I did sleep through my history class, in high school; sorry, teacher [I do remember your name, ha - I’m just being discreet]).  Case in point, to bring folks up to speed, in a quick and efficient manner: think upon the notion of large consume

Institutional aspirations in Cryptocurrency Trading Practices: Deflation is the Token Deed of the Times.

  I’m not particularly well and astute about economics, so I won’t try to preface my trading style anecdote, to follow, with a lot of explanations and premise, of a textbook nature.  It’s just that somebody had told me that my trading style is deflationary, on Coinbase. For me, the platform is all-too-familiarly, the basis of that I woo myself, in a wither-where wonderland of supposing I could make money out of playing with stuff on there, like I’m good at it, or something. Little by little, my funds start to dwindle, and I haven’t cleaned my room, like, ever - for how long I’ve lived here: over a year and some months. I’ve got this slight home museum exhibition aspiration that I’m shooting for, though, as some of you may know of me, from my other blog, in regards to the pigeon-feeding thing that I do several times a week, out and around town.  In any case, when somebody says something intelligent, of that it’s “out of my league” of colloquial familiarity and well-understood nomenclatu