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Small gardening services and specialties offered in South Los Angeles, or beyond (Web ad, Spring 2022)

All power tools are electronic and battery powered, in compliance with new laws in Los Angeles. If the job you’re interested in doing is a large job, I can possibly arrange to offer you an Augmented Reality on-device real-time 3-dimensional preview of a finished product, to demonstrate what can be done in your yard. Lead time for some of these jobs is perhaps one week. Some projects require an initial consultation, where I would take a look at the job, perhaps take some LiDAR scans of the area to be worked on, and I would become familiarized with your project work space, and I can add AR objects on top of things, to plan out the roadmap for your garden. I’m generally available on most given days, or we can see what works out, on your schedule. If you’re interested in exotic, heirloom, or organic seeds, to start off your garden - now would be a great time for that, but there will be some waiting time, depending on where the seeds are sourced. In some cases, I may not have the tools on h

A South Los Angeles Specialty Local Ecology Makes for the Self-Directed Dog-Walk to Exist.

 Self-walking dogs are a rarity, by all means, given all of my travels and whereabouts, throughout my years (I’m 39 years old now). Most people’s dogs will take the first opportunity to run loose, all cares in life cast to the wind, as soon as they lose direct oversight and management by the dog owner / walker. I had a tragic occurrence happen to me, for once walking two dogs, one of a different legacy and length of experience in off-leash training, and we lost the dog. She was a small dog, and somebody else owned the pup. It was an awful thing. These days, I see the (perhaps) few-generations gone forth: offspring of my first: (as-an) adult-purchased puppy, dog - that went on to breed; in this case, with a pug. A curious and charming canine mixed breed; mine, being a Norwich Terrier: like many other terriers, yet this type distinguished by its flaxen golden mane, and an unmistakeable human-like quality about its fur (when well cared-for). That’s a whole yarn to spin, in and of it’s own